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We are here for you during COVID-19. Now offering Telehealth and Chat Physical Therapy

J.O.Y. Physical Therapy is a new way of serving patients! We offer mobile and tele-health specialized physical therapy for patients that are overall healthy and therefore pay out-of-pocket for most of their medical services, including physical therapy. We offer you ways of healing that go against the typical medical process of ordering unnecessary and expensive X-rays, MRIs, drugs or just waiting it out to see what happens.

Your body is all you have in order to function daily as a human being. We, like you, understand that you don't want to "wait it out," drug it up or continue to spend your money on tests that don't fix anything. Come and see what J.O.Y. Physical Therapy can do for you!


J.O.Y. Physical Therapy respects your precious time! We serve our patients' busy lives by coming directly to you. Mobile Physical Therapy does not waste your time by driving across town, sitting in a waiting room, filling out loads of paperwork or forcing you to accommodate late patients ahead of you in the schedule. We come to your home, workplace, school or wherever and meet you when and where it works best for you! If we can help streamline your life, we will do it! Less stress means faster healing.

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J.O.Y. Physical Therapy Tele-Health is a focused consultation done with you over the internet in order to better access your situation and offer you tangible action steps to take. We have worked with thousands of patients over the past 18 years and with our knowledge of the musculoskeletal system, and we can pinpoint the area you need to focus on. We give you specific exercises prescription and positional  instructions in order to help you find the relief and full movement you desire.

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