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Plantarfascitis? We can help! enJ.O.Y. your walks once again!

Sara Shupe, MSPT, Dip. MDT is a physical therapist specialist and founder of J.O.Y. Physical Therapy Inc, a mobile and telehealth physical therapy provider servicing the Twin Cities Metro Area, greater Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Sara has presented early access models of mechanical diagnosis and therapy (MDT) in the treatment of low back pain to the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), National Association of Spine Society (NASS) and The international MDT Conference. Sara lives in Eagan, MN with her 14 year old son, and Dox mix puppy.

Did you every have a stabbing pain on the bottom of your foot where you thought your 10-year-old son left one of his little LEGOs on the ground. Ugh! How many times have I told him...? You were bracing yourself for calling out his name in exacerbation when you look down to discover there is nothing there. 

What did I step on?

Plantar fascitis. I'm not an English teacher, but I think it is Latin for "invisible sharp pebble in my shoe."

The montage of treatments for Plantar fascitis.

The "itis" at the end of any 13 syllable medical term suggests inflammation or swelling. If you are like many who have experienced this phenomenon intermittently throughout the years, or have had it daily for many years, it is more properly called Plantarfascosis (Plan- tar- fash-osis). The swelling has subsided, now leaving  scarred tissue that has had nerves and blood vessels grow into it in a dysfunctional manner, leaving it painful to move it under normal loads.

Translation: The first few steps in the morning are very painful!

What are the treatments for Plantarfascosis? 

Firstly, maybe the more appropriate question would be "Is it really my plantar fascia?"

What we have come to understand is that many patients who present with Plantar fascitis or osis- like symptoms actually have a problem stemming from their spine. One of our English colleagues at The McKenzie Institute, Richard Rosedale et al, did a wonderful study published in 2014. They found that a large percentage of folks presenting with plantarfascia-region pain abolished all of their symptoms with specific spinal movements. Like many discoveries in medicine, the end result of his work created a very catchy acronym that practitioners specialized in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) like myself are now calling EXPOSS (EXtremity Pain of Spinal Source, Rosedale et al 2014 ). 

Foot or spine? Answer = MDT.

Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy, or MDT, is a specialized form of assessment that utilizes your movement, positions and functional complaints to determine your pain and movement pattern. Those of us properly trained in it can test the spine first. If your spine is clear, we can then appropriately determine, based on a scientific analysis of your movement and pain patterns, your specific exercise prescription to treat your Plantar fascia. Examining and treating your foot pain in this manner reduced excess visits and unnecessary treatments, costs and inconveniences!

J.O.Y. Physical Therapy Inc has visits available 6 days a week, 12 hours a day. Don't wait! Get your MDT treatment today and enJ.O.Y. walking again! Call 651-800-MYPT or email us at [email protected] today!


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