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Sara Shupe, MSPT, Dip. MDT is a physical therapist specialist and founder of J.O.Y. Physical Therapy Inc, a mobile and telehealth physical therapy provider servicing the Twin Cities Metro Area, greater Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Sara has presented early access models of mechanical diagnosis and therapy (MDT) in the treatment of low back pain to the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), National Association of Spine Society (NASS) and The international MDT Conference. Sara lives in Eagan, MN with her 14 year old son, and Dox mix puppy.

Have you jumped for joy lately?  Have you have a dream date, and unexpected bonus or heard the precious-but-rarely-voiced phrase from your teenager, “you were right, Mom.” Now a harder question - when was the last time you jumped for joy at the thought of God...church...reading the Bible? Does the word love bring joy into your heart? Or something else..?

Doubt. Sadness. Fear.

The glaring lack of joy in America. 

With a shortage of joy; it begs the question - how can we love others when we are filled with all things negative? Namely, Fear. It is the biggest joy-killer out there. There is a freedom that comes when we succumb to the plan The Lord Jesus has for us. (Try to use the word "succumb" and "freedom" in any other context and you will find it quite difficult!). I believe when we love the way the Creator of Love exemplifies, joy is a natural side- effect. 

As a devout believer in Jesus Christ for the last 18 years, I was called to the mission field many years ago with a distinct scripture that jumped out of the page of the Bible and into my spirit-

“Heal the sick that are there and declare the Kingdom is near.” Luke 10:9.

Sometimes I like the way Matthew says it better -

"Declare the Kingdom is near. Heal the sick, cast our demons, raise the dead. Freely you have received; freely give."

When people ask me the origin of our name at J.O.Y. Physical Therapy, it can often sound cliche, like we are accepting an Oscar award, or much more likely, an $10 gift card for a job well done and declare “I’d like to thank God…” But the reality is, this was His idea, and certainly not mine. It was in His Word in my daily devotion time that He birthed J.esus O.thers Y.ou Physical Therapy Inc on the preface of restoring Love to burnt-out therapists and patients all over MN and WI.

Any maybe, world-wide. "...to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8)."

How is your J.O.Y. meter?

It was that day the Lord paved my path ahead. He filled me with His joy, which overflowed as love onto the laps of everyone around me (Luke 6:38). My kids. My colleagues. My brothers and sisters in Christ. My brothers and sisters. I saw the life-changing effect it had on them, and as a side-bonus, the Lord started to fill up my joy meter once again.

Fear was placed at the feet of Jesus, nailed to the foot of the cross. The close cousins of Fear- namely, doubt and sadness-joined their relative there. There is no room for them here at J.O.Y. PT!

 My J.O.Y. overflows in the love of others.

Gone are the days of making patients adapt to my schedule. 

                                                       J.O.Y. comes to wherever you are when it is convenient for you. Same-day too!

Gone are the days of insurance company dictating what and when I charge just so I can take home the 1/17 of the cost to my family to pay bills.

                                                      J.O.Y charges about 50% of industry standard and does not do “fill-in” therapies that have                                                       been utilized to fill in time slots to enable excessive charging instead of proven efficacy                                                           in the literature. Because J.O.Y. is fee-for-service and mobile and tele-health, you are not                                                          charged for billing, documentation, or a building. In other hospital-based PT settings, if                                                            you are otherwise healthy with a $5000 or more deductible, YOU are paying these                                                                  un-necessaries.

Gone are the days of allowing low-value interventions that have proven ineffective and wasteful time and time again, just because a therapist “prefers it” or “has been around a long time” and “that’s the way it’s always been done.”

                                                      J.O.Y. ONLY uses high-value interventions that have proven effective and efficient in over                                                        50 random-controlled trials all over the world for the last 30 years. 

Gone are the days of Fear. The days of defeat for both therapist and patient. It is now Jesus, who always  points (when I pay attention!!) to the needs of Others, which subsequently fills You up to overflow with J.O.Y. And on and on it goes! Join us in the celebration this Valentines day!!



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