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Sara Shupe, MSPT, Dip. MDT is a physical therapist specialist and founder of J.O.Y. Physical Therapy Inc, a mobile and tele-health physical therapy provider servicing the Twin Cities Metro Area, greater Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Sara has presented early access models of mechanical diagnosis and therapy (MDT) in the treatment of low back pain to the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), National Association of Spine Society (NASS) and The international MDT Conference. Sara lives in Eagan, MN with her 14 year old son, and Dox mix puppy.

It is generally well known that the less intervention involved in any process, the less expensive something will end up being. Replace kitchen cabinets? Naw, I'll paint them. Trade in my car? Naw, I'll make that small repair instead. Do I drive to Wisconsin to stock up on hundreds (thousands??) of fireworks? Naw, a funny little light show in my back yard with Chase, the wiener dog, trying to bite the roman candles is sufficient to remember our freedoms and have a few laughs.

The same is true with your spine. 

Back Pain 101: Less is More.

Do I need to see a doctor for my back pain? The literature would suggest that the majority of people with low back pain, whether chronic or acute, young or old, male or female do not need to see a doctor for their back pain. In addition, John Childs and colleagues published a study that suggested thousands of dollars would be saved if a person with back pain started with physical therapy instead of going to a doctor (Childs et al, 2012). Further, it suggested that the more specialized the doctor is, the higher likelihood of getting invasive procedures like shots and surgeries, and as a result, paying a higher bill. Sometimes 4 times higher of a bill.

Yep. That's math - thousands of dollars x 4 = too much.

The J.O.Y. Solution.

Intervene sooner with our same-day visits. Spend less time. Spend less money.  Aaannnnddd...drum roll please...We Go Where You Are. No more driving across town. No more waiting in waiting rooms. No more use of your gas. 

And if that wasn't good enough, we also charge 60% of industry standard, use ONLY methods proven to be effective and efficient in the literature called Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT), and measure a patient's mental state. Why? Because more recent data has shown that most patients benefit from early intervention of physical therapy especially If a patient is excessively worried about it, scared to move or has a poor coping strategy,.

Using something called a StartBack Tool, my colleagues at J.O.Y. Physical Therapy Inc and I are asking questions to identify how much a patient worries, how hopeless they feel and how much their pain has affected their quality of life, in addition to their level of pain.

Don't Worry. Get J.O.Y.

So why does your mental and emotional state effect your healing? We don’t have an exact answer, though some theorize that if you don’t believe you’re safe to move you will avoid movement and your body won’t be able to heal properly. Others believe your muscles and bones can be negatively affected by stress.  

Regardless of the exact processes, so far, we’ve seen that a patient’s physical and mental state can be huge indicators of their responsiveness to early intervention.

By identifying back pain patients who would be good candidates for early intervention based on physical and mental factors, we’ve managed to:

  • Lower the risk of low back pain developing into a long-term disability
  • Improved patients’ function long term
  • Save time and money with MDT, same-day mobile and telehealth visits to avoid additional doctor visits, MRIs, injections, etc.

Celebrate the 4th safely! We are open for same-day visits if the unfortunate should happen! Call 651-800-MYPT



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