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The Acronyms 101: HVLC (High-value, Low-cost) = MDT

Sara Shupe, MSPT, Dip.MDT is a physical therapist specialist that has been practicing for almost 2 decades in the Twin Cities Metro Area of Minnesota. Sara is the Founder of J.O.Y. Physical Therapy Inc. which provides high-value, convenient mobile and telehealth PT to Minnesota and Wisconsin. Sara’s work on early access to specialized physical therapy in the treatment of low back pain won an innovation award and has been presented at the National Association of Spine Society in CA and Idaho, the MDT Conference of the Americas, and The American Physical Therapy Association of MN. Sara lives in Eagan with her teenage son, and Dox mix puppy.

We live in a world of acronyms. Five to 8 years ago, I would look at someone cross-eyed if they wrote me a note (Millennials: this would actually occur on paper, on which you use this ancient item called a pencil) “TY, that joke made me LOL. FYI, I am sitting with my DIL, who TBH didn’t like it as much as I. TTYL!” Now, not only do I translate these for my mother, but I use them myself! Along with a slew of emoticons, of course, which brings us on equal literary ability with my great-niece, who turned one-year-old in June!

The Acronyms of Spine care: HVLC.

There is a rising cost in back pain. In 2017, back pain passed heart conditions and cancer as the number one disability world-wide! How do we stop the trend? With High-Value, Low-Cost Care.

The Acronyms of Spine care: MDT

Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy is one of the most studied methods in back pain evaluation, treatment and management. Due to its’ focus on patient-centered care, exercise prescription, and empowerment, it has become a leader in the HVLC movement. I am privileged to be one of 450 Diplomats of MDT in the world and one of 5 in the great states of Minnesota and Wisconsin! 

Our published MDT Colleague, Dr. Mark Laslett has made some commentaries on why he continues to use and recommend it-

“It remains the only system that reliably and consistently works. McKenzie described it’s limitations and the characteristics of patients for whom it does not work too. Again I have no reason to change that either. My nearly 50 years of experience has not shown me a better alternative. 
I have tried and stopped using many ‘systems’, diagnostic and treatment techniques over 40 years, but McKenzie’s management of acute deformities has remained a solid constant in my practice.”

Another MDT college, Dr. Ron Donaldson, MD, who calls himself a “recovering surgeon” published an article in May 2019 in JMMT. It quantified the cost-savings of starting with quality-assured mechanical assessment (i.e.MDT) saved the back pain patient in primary care up to 51.5%! Other researchers have suggested that it can save thousands of dollars per episode if physical therapy is implemented within 14 days from onset (Childs, J et al 2012). We did a pilot, unpublished study presented at the MDT conference in Miami that aligned with Childs’ results (Shupe S et al 2014). As a result of these trends, Canada has implemented successful programs of savings by setting up physical therapists as the entry point of care for their low back pain, as well as other musculoskeletal problems (Woodhouse, S et al), saving the countries millions!

Like Canada, you don’t need a physician prescription to see a PT in MN or WI in most cases! Use our acronyms and reduce the economics of your back pain: Get in today!

Save time and money with J.O.Y. Physical Therapy's mobile and telehealth specialized physical therapy as well as same-day visit options! Call 651-800-MYPT or go to www.joy-pt.com

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