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J.O.Y'N us in celebrating moms! Give her the gift of MOVEMENT!

Sara Shupe, MSPT, Dip. MDT, is a physical therapy specialist and Founder of J.O.Y Physical Therapy, which offers specialized mobile, telehealth and chat services of MN and WI. She has shared her research related to early access to care of low back pain at the North American Spine Society (NASS) summer meeting in San Diego, TheMcKenzie Institute International Conference in FL and CA, and the MN Disabilities Conference in St. Paul, MN. Sara lives in Eagan, MN with her family and enJ.O.Y. s exercise, scrap-booking and mission work. 

Has your mom (or you for that matter if you have the privilege as I do to be in our middle years) been told she has “bone on bone?” If so, did the words come from an orthopedic surgeon or one of the assistants as they were looking at the X-rays of your mom's hips or knees? Was she as crushed as every person with bone-on-bone should be (whoa- bad pun!)?

Well, as you know if you are someone who frequents this blog, there is Good News!  

The best way to understand how to manage your mom's or your hip/knee pain is not to look at an X-ray, but rather to move it! Let us give mom the gift of MOVEMENT for Mothers' Day this year!

How does mom feel when she moves her hip/knee?

Most people who have this type of knee or hip pain complain of:

  • 1) Increased knee and/or hip pain the more you “load” them (i.e. stand or walk)
  • 2) Sitting or resting temporarily relieves the symptoms, but it becomes difficult to stand up afterwards.
  • 3) In the mornings they are the stiffest
  • 4) In the evenings they are the most sore or "achy."

Recent research out of Canada suggest that X-rays are not a valid way to determine if a person “needs” a total joint replacement, but rather, to test the movement and see if it can affect the symptoms. In Canada where you wait 18 months for an MRI, patients who were on the waiting list for a total knee replacement (based on those invalid X-rays again) were selected for a study of their movement using a method of assessment called Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT). They found that 40% of patients abolished their symptoms with the MDT intervention!

What does that mean? If we hadn't intervened with movement, 40% of people would have replaced a joint that didn't need it!  Anyone want to save $50,000 worth of pain and suffering?

What can we teach mom this Mothers Day?

  • X-rays are not a valid measure of determining the need for any surgery, or in this case-a total joint replacement
  • Movement and symptomatic-response to movement experts, like those at J.O.Y. Physical Therapy have demonstrated savings of 40% to 75% of time and money compared to standard PT!
  • Call 651-800-MYPT or www.joy-pt.com to get your mobile or telehealth evaluation today (M-Sa)
  • If you don't live in the wonderful states of MN or WI, seek out a MDT provider in your region at www.mckenzieinstituteusa.org

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