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Chat Physical Therapy

We offer chat physical therapy! 

  • J.O.Y. Chat Physical Therapy is perfect for the person who has a minor injury or nagging issue that is preventing exercise or other activities.
  • If you are wondering - where do I start? Chat Physical Therapy is a focused injury screen through the template of chat format on a secure network.
  • You don't have to drive and use your time and gas!
  • Get a MUSCULOSKELETAL screen for your neck, shoulder, elbow, hand, back, hip, knee or ankle from the comfort of your home office, during your lunch break at work, in between classes at school - anywhere you can use your phone!!
  • Make your Chat Physical Therapy appointment today!
  • Below you will find information on :
    • technical requirements for chat physical therapy
    • how to create an account and schedule
    • steps for checking into your online chat session

Are You Ready For Chat Therapy? 
Call or Text to 651-800-MYPT (6978) with any scheduling questions.

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