How does J.O.Y. Physical Therapy help my tendonitis?

J.O.Y. Physical Therapy only has providers who demonstrate high competency in specialized physical therapy interventions called Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT).

Extensive Testing.

There are scientific methods of testing your tendon problem involved in MDT. It has been proven effective and reliable in shoulder pain (Aina, 2005, Littlewood et al 2012; Aytona MC et al 2013), elbow and wrist pain (Maccio et al 2016), and knee pain (Oliver et al 2010; Rosedale & Lynch 2017, May & Lynch 2017). Tendon problems can be around any joint, but most often in the shoulder, knee and Achilles. Tendon problems, when in the early stage, are called “tendonitis.” They require a protocol to control swelling and movement. This Phase should be only a few days before controlled movements are commenced. Once movement is introduced, it is important to have a trained MDT provider to monitor the symptoms and determine which movement is now safe to progress to. Most tendon problems in otherwise healthy people can take 16 weeks or more for full remodeling and restoration back to your normal activities.

Our Experience.

The addition of J.O.Y.'s use of physical therapists with high competency in MDT and 56 years of cumulative experience, further increases the value of your care to the highest standard possible.

Less Pain in Less Time for You.

You will need less time out of your day to do your therapy for your tendon problem because: 1. We Go Where You Are! Mobile Visits! 2. In no time you will have less pain - MDT gets to the root of your problem faster. 3. Better mobility- when we feel better, we move better. 4. Better positioning- Is there a problem with your positioning at work or activities that is contributing?

Don’t wait another minute! It’s time to manage your shoulder, hip or ankle tendonitis better. Contact us today for relief click here to make your mobile visit, or here for your tele-health visit. Call 1-651-800-MYPT now- We have same day appointments available!

Learn more about MDT at www.mckenzieinstituteusa.org

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