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Reviews from our patients:

What Our Patients enJ.O.Y. about us
  • "I've had a long road back to health including multiple Physical Therapists, 7 doctors, etc. (and it is still not over). I met Sara at a networking event and thought I would give it a try. It was different for several reasons:

    1) She listened from the very beginning.
    2) She provided clear guidance on how to do the activities when she was not there.
    3) There was more time than any other PT had done between visits...which meant less $ spent by me.
    4) There was a vision & strategy created to get me out of her care...not trying to lock me in as a patient permanently.
    5) As my issues evolved, she was very flexible in finding the next solution.
    6) She continued to check in with me after my care was completed.
    7) She did not let me give up hope when I was at my lowest point, helped me regain as much control as I could to continue fighting my medical issues."
    Angie Johnson
  • "Before you go to several doctors and specialists for MR I's and x-rays call JOY physical therapy. JOY is unlike any other medical professional and you will likely never need all of the invasive scans and surgeries you are told you will need to get better. I was able to heal myself in just 2 visits. This is the way the medical field should be going to lower our medical insurance costs and get results!"
    Shirley Larson
  • "I love that Sara comes to me and early too. I don’t have to reschedule my day to fit physical therapy in. I am always amazed at the work Sara does to relieve my issues because logically I just don’t think it will help and then when she leaves and I do the exercises she’s given me, magically my issues are resolved. I had a stubborn plantar/Achilles and hamstring issue that seemingly refused to heal and I was leaving on a trip to Poland...lots of walking, long sitting in uncomfortable plane seats, but after her last session with me just prior to the trip, I feared I would have trouble but thanks to Sara, miracles of miracles no issues entire time and remain good since returning as well. So much so I had to text her while walking around in Warsaw. Thank you Sara!"
    Mary Johnson
  • "Wonderful, thoughtful, thorough care. She came to my work for a lunchtime appointment. She even created videos of the stretches I needed to do with detailed direction. Highly recommended!"
    Erica Stead
  • "Sara was amazing, super knowledgeable. I had carpal tunnel hand surgery scheduled for both my hands and she was able to determine that my issues were spinal related. With the suggested exercise routines, the numbness in my hands began to decrease. I’m happy to say I canceled both surgeries! I also have been dealing with vascular issues in my leg. She helped me alleviate the pain with that situation as well. I highly recommend JOY Physical Therapy!!"
    Tara Schulte
  • "After having sought medical treatment for a neck injury and neck pain lasting almost 9 months, I met Sara. She was so compassionate in her care of me. Her clinical expertise and professionalism is unparalleled. She explained the prescribed treatment plan to me in terms I could easily comprehend, and the results were amazing. I owe my complete recovery to her. Besides all that, J.O.Y. Physical Therapy will come to your home or workplace! I’d give J.O.Y. ten stars if I could!"
    Maureen Barth
  • "Sara is a highly trained professional who has helped me see both immediate and ongoing progress toward my goals. Beyond just the expertise she brings, I have also been impressed by the ease of scheduling, invoices, and other logistics. The ability for home visits has been crucial to my success. Thank you, J.O.Y. Physical Therapy!"
    Emily Goellner
  • "J.O.Y Physical Therapy has been a lifesaver for me, more than once! Sara & Kelly are the best of the best when it comes to their knowledge and ability to fix my issues!! And their customer service is top notch, always willing to go above and beyond each time to get me the best care possible!
    I recommend them to everyone I know who is battling any issues, as I am living proof that they can fix things that I was told would require surgery. I even refer friends and family who don't live locally, because of their convenient virtual care options!!
    If you are looking to feel better quickly, with the fewest number of visits and least amount of money out of your pocket, look no further! J.O.Y Physical Therapy is the answer you have been praying for!"
    Angela Fisher
  • "I am a Construction Business Owner and I work with my body. I injured my shoulder and needed help fast. I could not work, sleep or play with my son. I found Kelly with JOY Physical Therapy and she found the right Exercise for healing my shoulder pain. Kelly was attentive, friendly and knowledgeable which contributed to a great experience. I would recommend JOY Physical Therapy to anyone. Thank you Kelly."
    Karl Louis
  • "Sara and Kelly are 2 the best in the business. I worked for years with my team trainers and was also directed to work on the same thing, but never saw great results. After meeting with Kelly one time, I had a clear diagnosis and the reasoning behind it. Finally after doing the exercises she recommended I’m pain free and stronger than ever! I highly recommend J.O.Y. PT!"
    Nick Maiers
  • "Highly recommend JOY and ALL they bring to their physical therapy work! Highly professional, extremely competent and results oriented...and a true joy to spend time with. They are thorough and professional AND come into your home. Amazingly convenient and incredibly impactful!!!"
    Brian Nelson
  • "The work isn’t always easy but the results are great. Sara is kind, knowledgeable, a problem solver and committed to helping me avoid a hip replacement. I appreciate being able to exchange information or ask questions of her between appointments. Highly recommend this business."
    Susan Loveridge
  • "Kelly is SO GREAT. Super knowledgeable and professional. Her experience made me feel comfortable and I knew I was getting good care. Also: THEY COME TO YOU. HOW CONVENIENT?!"
    Sarah Justad
  • "Just amazing! I’ve been dealing with back pain for decades and until I was recommended JOY I thought my only solution would be surgery. Fortunately I was able to work with them before I made that decision and now my back is almost healed. Highly recommended! Plus Sara is super nice and always makes me feel really comfortable and taken care of."
    Diana Hutton

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