Do you take insurance? 

No. As you will read in the 3 Problems with Musculoskeletal Medicine in the USA section of the Specialized Physical Therapy tab, insurance carriers drive up costs by dictating reimbursement, documentation requirements and mandating unnecessary processes and treatments. This problem is conpounded by owning a physical building and employees. As a result of being mobile, J.O.Y. Physical Therapy does not charge patients for a building, documentation or billing, therefore we can save our patients between 50-60% of a typical PT visit bill. 

How do I pay for my visits?

When you decide to schedule a session, you will be prompted to create a profile on Therapysites.com and they will ask you for your credit card information. When you have met your therapy goals for the visit and it is completed, we will bill the credit card on file. You will receive a receipt on the email on file that includes what is called CPT and ICD10 codes, which will enable you to turn it into your HSA for reimbursement. Most insurance companies will also allow you to turn your receipt in to pay towards your deductible. 

Can I pay for my mobile or telehealth PT if I am a Medicare recipient? 

No. Unfortunately, due to the federal law restrictions on Medicare recipients, we are not able to bill fee-for-service medical interventions (like physical therapy) to those patients who are Medicare recipients.

How do I get my therapy documents? 

On the forms tab, there is a release of PHI form you will need to fill out and send back. Once we receive it, we will scan it into your documents section of your profile and email you a message that the requested documentation is available.

What if my insurance company asks for further documentation?

As noted above, J.O.Y. Physical Therapy does not charge for documentation processing, therefore if your insurance company asks for documentation beyond what we have provided, we will not be able to assist further. 

What kind of computer and program do I need to do a Tele-health session?

You will need Google Chrome and internet speed > 3Mbps on a laptop or personal computer (PC) to enable to programs to optimally function. Some tablets, iPads and phones also can be used, but will likely not create the optimal session. After you decide to schedule a session and create a profile, you will be emailed instructions on a checklist of troubleshooting techniques to determine if you have the optimal equipment and programs for the Tele-Health option.

What regions do you cover with Mobile sessions?

We cover as northwest as St Cloud (Christine Anderson) and as southwest as Cannon Falls/Red Wing (Kelly Stokes, Sara Shupe). If you are unsure, email us today to see if you are within our regions!

Will you come to my gym for a Mobile session?

Unless given written permission from the gym’s owner, J.O.Y. Physical Therapy does not provide onsite Mobile specialized PT at a gym due to potential shared liabilities. 

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