In-Clinic Physical Therapy

We Go To Union Fitness in Eagan, MN!
2905 Lexington Ave. S. 
Eagan, Mn  55121

  • J.O.Y. Physical Therapy has now partnered with Union Fitness of Eagan, MN so you can come to us!
  • Conveniently located on the north end of Lexington Ave and Lone Oak Road in Eagan, MN.
  • Open 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday, 7:00am-7:00pm, including walk-in appointment availability!
  • Do you have pain in your back, hip, knee, ankle/foot, head, neck, shoulder, elbow or hands that limits you? Have you had treatments that didn't work?
  • We are experts in the use of  high quality treatment methods that have been proven in research to be effective.
  • READY TO GET STARTED? Follow the steps below to schedule a same day visit or future visit:

All patients must create an account to get on the schedule

Don't have an account? You have 2 options for scheduling an appointment:  Same Day Visit or Future Visit


    If you would like to set up a same-day visit, you will first text or call 651-800-MYPT (6978). Texting is preferred. Then you must still set up an account by using the link sent to your cell phone or by following the steps below as noted for future visits.

    Set up an account and request an appointment for a day other than today. To do this follow the instructions below.

How to set up an account and request an appointment for a day other than today:

  • Choose the therapist you want to see.  (See the “Our Team” tab on the main menu for detailed profiles)
  • Both Sara and Kelly can treat any type of orthopedic or musculoskeletal problem (neck and back pain, joint and muscle sprains and strains, bursitis, tendonitis).  
  • See Sara for simple vertigo (BPPV).
  • Kelly is a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC), so would be a great choice for athletes including dancers, gymnasts, throwing athletes such as pitchers, weightlifters.  Parents, Kelly can meet your student athlete right at their college or high school!
  • Create an account by clicking the link below for the therapist you chose– the email address you enter will be your Login ID for the account.  

      Click Here For Sara            Click Here for Kelly

  • Once you enter your email address you will receive an email that will allow you to set up your account and password.
  • Once your account set up is complete you will be able to request an appointment  (by clicking on the login link on this page).
  • Once you request an appointment, the physical therapist will review and approve your appointment request by text or email; this typically takes 2 hours or less .
  • Once you have been seen the first time, you will often schedule your subsequent visits with your therapist during your current visit and so will not need to sign in to request a visit (though you still have the option to request or cancel an appointment through your account).


Already have an account? Login Here  to request an appointment.

During our first visit with you, we will… 

  • Listen to your problem including how and when it started, what you’ve tried to solve it, and how it’s affecting your daily life.
  • Perform an examination to determine the nature of your problem.
  • Explain the problem to you in terms you can understand.
  • Give you a home program including focused exercises and postural advice to help reduce your pain and get you back on the path to exercise and activity with less pain.

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